June 2, 2014


The fight began somewhere between the first and second carafe, and she knew she should have quit while she was ahead.


6 thoughts on “June 2, 2014

  1. “Red or White” was the question posed by the waiter, to which her simple answer was “both”…

  2. She shook her hands took a deep breath and told herself again, it didn’t matter that it was the President this time, the job was simple, pour the water, set the napkins, smile, and get out.

  3. At 3am after serving a party of 80 drunk men in Viking helmets and only receiving a 10% tip, the waitress told her boss to “fuck it” when he demanded she make 100 silverware rolls before she could go home.

  4. The water pitcher is recycled aluminum, the carafes are plastic, and the ring in his pocket is zirconium, yet Sal is convinced the proposal he’s about to make to his bleached-blonde, silicone-and-collagen-enhanced girlfriend is based on real love.

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