June 5, 2014



7 thoughts on “June 5, 2014

  1. Carla had counted to fourteen this time before Jake stopped, as she knew he would, and checked his bag – again – to make sure he had everything.

  2. Coco finally realized why she was kidnapped and kept in a cold, dark cellar when the man operating the camera (hidden in a backpack) said “take your shirt off, Coco…” (DARK, I know…) Oy… 😦

  3. Laboratory experiment K-9-Sapien: Day 5: Today was a complete success, soon our gene-splicing methods will eliminate unemployment – drug sniffing humans!!!

  4. He dug feverishly for his spare house key in the backpack, all the while “doing the dance” and hoping he would make it

  5. I decided to pretend no one was home as soon as I saw that the pizza delivery man had opted to put my pie in a backpack instead of a box.

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