June 8, 2014



8 thoughts on “June 8, 2014

  1. Crashing his wife’s Girls’s Night was stupid, but passing out in the middle of it while wearing flip-flops offered them 20 inviting opportunities for revenge.

  2. Jessica, originally from the Midwest, was traumatized after her first Los Angeles Nail Salon experience, “PICK A COLOR, PICK A COLOR, PICK A COLOR, PICK A COLOR!!!”

  3. Like everything else in her life the collection of nail polish included expensive and cheap, old and new, and the occasional “they the hell did I buy this?”.

  4. It reminded her of crystal candy colored stones that encrusted her Mother’s cocktail rings, purchased at Winkleman’s in the 60’s, when cocktail rings were all the rage, and rage itself, was subdued by window shopping….and cocktail rings.

  5. It’s too similar. To paint nails. To paint a face. To encumber a face even. Yet it still feels right. You, as in YOU cannot disagree. It’s settled. It’s sold.

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