June 12, 2014




9 thoughts on “June 12, 2014

  1. Coco (the girl trapped in the cellar from the picture last week) who swore she would never drink anything but bottled water, would have given ANYTHING to have a sip out of that public drinking fountain RIGHT NOW – so close, yet so far away…

  2. Murphy was impressed by the silver urinal before him, as although he had heard that the U.S. was a country of excesses, he hadn’t believed it until just now.

  3. Finally, making it to the front of the line, hot and exhausted 7-year-old Annie gulped down a few swallows and went back to the game of chasing boys on the school playground.

  4. Her germophobia kicking in and her thirst reaching Sarahan levels, she tried to not look at the filthy filter to the left.

  5. Peter’s knees buckled as he approached the fountain, long suppressed memories of periodontal torture from his childhood bubbled to the surface – as his fiancé chattered on about Last Comic Standing, all he could hear was Dr. Birnbaum saying, “Spit.”

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