June 13, 2014




9 thoughts on “June 13, 2014

  1. Going down the stairs was the easy part, however when she reached the bottom she would have to face the consequences of what she had done.

  2. Martha took the stairs every single day, convinced that one day she actually would find Bruce Willis there in a ripped sleeveless T-shirt, and that she would make sure he would not die hard.

  3. After pouring his heart and soul into his job for the last 34 years, saddened and shamed, as he leaves Paul wonders how he will tell his loving wife that he was fired four months before retirement.

  4. Flicking the light switch on, was her way of giving everything ‘evil’ a three second warning that she was coming down in ‘karate-chop’ mode.

  5. After receiving not so great news from her Gynecologist, Bonnie decided to take the stairwell as the tears welled up in her eyes and thought “I KNEW I should have used a CONDOM – I’m so FUCKED” and then still managed to keep her sense of humor about it as she chuckled and said aloud “NO PUN INTENDED!” 😉

  6. She readjusted the crutches under her arms and looked down the stairs; this was going to be a long six weeks.

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