June 14, 2014




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  1. YEP! (panting heavily now..) I’m definitely over my FEAR OF ELEVATORS! Heart Rate 180!

  2. He knew he needed to get up those stairs if he had any hope of survival, but all he could think about was how pissed the co-op board would be at having to clean up the blood that was presently gushing out of his abdomen.

  3. As he appoached the next flight of stark white stairs he was unsure if the sound was an echo or the reality of another being following him to the chamber door.

  4. The echoes of metallic steps and long forgotten smells always bring me back to the long, slow trek of the condemned child up the stairs of the health district for vaccinations.

  5. The echo of her heels in the empty stairwell had swelled and grown so loud that as Emma reached the eleventh-floor climb, she could feel her eyeballs shaking in their sockets from the vibrations assaulting her senses.

  6. After a few days, the anxious tenants began to accept the inebriated man’s control over the stairwell and exclusively used the elevator.

  7. He thought they looked clean enough to eat off — but his smile faded when he looked down at the bloody mop bucket beside him.

  8. Patrick’s steady diet of bacon cheeseburgers and cigarettes never bothered him, until the day the elevator was marked out of service

  9. Trying to stay in shape by never taking the stairs, Frank was always amused by the stark whiteness he encountered daily at Technicolor’s offices.

  10. When he saw essentially the same picture two days in a row at One Sentence, all Walter could think was, “Pardon my French. . . accents, but this here is some déjà vu.”

  11. I think if I wrap myself up in heavy cardboard, I can slide down these puppies and not get bruised.

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