June 16, 2014




9 thoughts on “June 16, 2014

  1. Today was no different, the number 4 played its comforting role in her activities including her to-do list and yet, the fourth item on that to-do list was something that scared the living hell of her.

  2. Working in building 4 held a special type of hidden mystery for those who didn’t and a certain sense of ennui for those who did.

  3. It was the fourth day of May, 2004 and Kevin walked into his fourth audition, would this be the one he finally books, or the one where he finally sets a casting director’s offices ablaze?

  4. Tired of getting daily complaints from visitors continually being hit by golf balls from the neighboring country club, the manager of the Czervik building put up what he thought to be the appropriate signage…

  5. Though for her the view brought to mind the cardinal points, the dimensions of space-time and the lads from Liverpool, her beagle took note only of the four-pronged hydrant and the possibilities afforded therein.

  6. As they left the parking area to go inside, he heard her say happily, “Of course I’ll remember THAT,” not knowing if she meant the bright yellow hydrant, the Day-glo orange number or the purple backdrop would remind her where she parked – not knowing she actually meant that he had opened the door for her.

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