June 18, 2014




18 thoughts on “June 18, 2014

  1. This celebrity couple was determined not to attract attention after miraculously dodging the PAPARAZZI !

  2. The obvious hearts did nothing to hide their conversation to the restaurant customers, “Fucking Slut” and “Limped dicked asshole” where all too clearly heard by all.

  3. Their hearts were in the right place, and now any casual observer could read their love more plainly than the noses on their faces.

  4. Being devout e-vangelicals, they tweeted grace before the meal, unaware of the nascent, toxic influences of the red, ripe Solanaceae encased in the giant plastic bottle at the next table.

  5. Years later, the blue-dot-faced woman who accused a Kennedy of raping her found love, and her blue dot changed to a red heart.

  6. Now to the final question before we can award you a Ph.D. in photography: what, if anything, is wrong with this picture?

  7. The ketchup looked on with glee as the poor, pitiful humans who digested it’s toxin were reduced to mindless love drones – today Norm’s, tomorrow the world!!!

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