June 23, 2014




11 thoughts on “June 23, 2014

  1. With the right hallucinogens and 3D glasses, this sign could easily say “Dial M For MURDER.”

  2. Random person searching frantically for a bathroom the last block and a half finally found one that shunned him access – MEH!

  3. Many, many men had made it to this Everest before Max, yet there it stood—red, tall, and magnificent, as he had expected–but that trail-head taunted him: as if to say ‘Climb Into Our Planet.’

  4. Behind the red door, which masked itself as a restroom, was the special bakery where Carol went to pick up the medicine that no doctor would prescribe for her.

  5. Suddenly she realized that the “M” stood for Moët, and her love affair with The Champagne Bakery wasn’t as exclusive as she had dreamed.

  6. The person inside was literally resting between unsuccessful job interviews while a line was forming out the door with people who actually had to PISS (or worse yet a #2)!

  7. She stared at the door, impatiently waiting for him to come out so she could tell him she had started seeing someone else, while he stared at the mirror inside, practicing his proposal one final time.

  8. The door stood for everything Jim was against, segregation between the sexes, they should
    piss together and, if you asked him, open stalls would be best.

  9. Dang it! Not “the Edgar’s complaint,” but “Edgar’s complaint.” I had one sentence, and I blew it. Must never type before coffee…

  10. Here is Exhibit A to the Edgar’s complaint against the Champagne Bakery for allegedly requiring employees to “hold it,” wear Depends, or go in the alley.

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