June 24, 2014





7 thoughts on “June 24, 2014

  1. The thought of having to share a bathroom after living alone all these years sent chills through Mary’s spine, “If only I had gone along with my boss’s advances, I’d still be living in my high rise apartment on Park Avenue.”

  2. Every morning, as she reached for her standard two anti-depressants and three vitamins from the medicine cabinet with no door she was reminded of every late night ER visit, every medicine reminder, every noise from pain and the last moment she held his hand.

  3. No Condoms…No Condoms…No Condoms…No Condoms……SH****MARTHA, We’re OUT OF CONDOMS!!!!!

  4. This was his last chance at possible resistance, of extricating himself from a Match.com hookup: the medicine cabinet as personality profile – but nothing in here convinced Jeremy there was any reason to keep his pants on if she was trying to take them off.

  5. To you, the real estate sign says “open house,” but to me, it says, “free drugs.”

  6. Though married, their lives were as separate as the sundries in the medicine cabinet; his domineering personality taking over the top two shelves in an archaic alpha dog posturing she couldn’t overlook.

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