June 26, 2014




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  1. As daylight came through the cheap motel’s curtainless windows and reflected on the bedroom wall, Max saw that Francine had gotten into the cocaine after he passed out, fueling her passion for writing out all the things she would have had no appetite for, and hoped to hell she remembered to use Dry-erase markers this time.

  2. As he entered the restaurant he noticed the specials board but paid no mind to it, not realizing there were no menus.

  3. Only in Amsterdam restaurants can you get such choices as BENNYS, GREEN omelettes, and turkey HASH!

  4. Knowing he ate there every morning, Belinda prayed that Benny would be able to read between the lines that he was her number one, and she wanted him to move back in to their house in San Jose.

  5. Was this an exercise of pure masochism, Anna wondered, as she whipped up another menu of heartbreaking food options she and her bunker mates hadn’t seen since the Canadian invasion.

  6. Jake’s menu had the distinct aura of modern society’s child rearing practices, not one damned item was too mundane to be deemed ‘special’.

  7. Nathaniel had eaten everything on the specials board over the years, some were better than others, but he could see no reason for the turkey hash to get two exclamation points, no reason at all.

  8. Detective Mike Nichols looked up from the crumpled body at his feet, “Marker poisoning, I haven’t seen it this bad since the Jerry’s Deli special spree of ’96.”

  9. Curt laughed to himself after he finished the sign, that’ll teach them to cut his hours – there was no Guadalajara Skillet, never has been never will be – all hell was about to break loose.

  10. As the customer’s question reached Stacey’s ears, she felt the world tilt, her balance rocked by the memory of those same words from over a year ago, and the unspeakable tragedy that ensured – “What’s the difference between the Benny Supreme and the Home Benny?”

  11. As she walked in with her RICH and GORGEOUS blind date, who chose the restaurant with PRIDE, and looked up at the board, she looked him straight in the eyes and said these final words and walked out….I’M VEGAN!!!!

  12. Chef Bennett didn’t know that Tuesday would be different, or that the future Mrs. Bennett would breeze through the kitchen door instead of the restroom so fate could step in, but it did and here they are five years later with Tara happily writing the specials on the board in between dancing with her husband to their favorite song on the radio.

  13. Hey, if every kid who plays a sport gets a ribbon, why not call every dish a “special.”

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