June 27, 2014




11 thoughts on “June 27, 2014

  1. Robin Williams put on his clown nose, walked through those doors, and yelled “Good MORNING Vietnam” – oops, wrong movie!

  2. Even after working with Paul as an EMT for 7 months, through horrific accidents, tragic losses and miraculous moments, it was his sense of humor she liked the most, she thought, as he giggled and simply said, “Unit.”

  3. After hobbling up 3 flights of stairs on bent feet, the poor man noticed he had made a spelling error.

  4. The doors represented freedom, to get better, to leave the hospital, to grow up attached to people, feelings and objects, not machines, tubes and monitors.

  5. This was the hallway that inspired the new HGTV show, “Why Your Hospital So Ugly?”

  6. The story of how I broke my leg the summer that I turned 13 begins with a package of purple sparkly pipe cleaners and ends with a Dairy Queen Blizzard and two spoons.

  7. At the unit doors she put on her happy face, the one that kept everyone’s spirits up, but on this side she could crumple and fall like an ancient castle.

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