June 30, 2014




11 thoughts on “June 30, 2014

  1. Kirby’s Law decided to have their annual company retreat in a remote place, and the “shotty” Ferris Wheel is the lawyers first exercise in TRUST (isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?)!

  2. Before riders could get on Kirby’s Ferris Wheel he made them stop at his Law Tent to sign the waiver; he wasn’t going to make THAT mistake again.

  3. The Ferris Wheel stood as a motionless reminder of little Timmy Kirby’s last ride, the very ride that prompted concerned citizens to push for the new speed-limit laws on centrifugal amusements.

  4. The feds were determined to make the newest terrorist detention center on U.S. soil a model of rehabilitation and hope.

  5. Jack Kirby chose his new office location very carefully, knowing that all work and no play … would drive him crazy.

  6. Antonia never imagined her first date with the cute boy from glee club would lead to so much retching — from the ill-fated ferris wheel ride to the quickie wedding next door and even quicker divorce.

  7. The missing seat on the ferris wheel was replaced several times, but each time the deaths of the workers were more horrific than the last, Sarah Jane would not let her fall, that fateful autumn day in 1952, be forgotten.

  8. Luckily for newly minted attorney Tom Kirby, the spot that the traveling fair had assigned to him was right next to the Ferris wheel, which is how he got the case when three seats holding couples tumbled from the top.

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