July 3, 2014




7 thoughts on “July 3, 2014

  1. They knew the drinking had to stop, once they realized they were not propped up on the headboard of that old iron bed at Mamie’s No-Tell Motel.

  2. Once again, the Johnson brothers felt left out because they had no bikes of their own.

  3. Hank was sure the tension of the past 15 years would magically disappear once their unspoken love was sanctioned by the state, but it was not to be.

  4. Neither man knew what year it was, but had no confusion on their location: Area 81, the Hells Angels “Seasons Open” was their favorite drinking and fighting day.

  5. The term ‘bored to death’ was apropos, as Hank continued telling yet another stranger his woeful tale of being turned down by Duck Dynasty for not being ‘skeezy’ enough for a good 10 minutes after the man had already gone to the Biker Rally in the Sky.,

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