July 5, 2014




11 thoughts on “July 5, 2014

  1. Every time she was called to sweep a station, DeeDee would focus on the black semi-circular mat and think of the record albums her and Steve were going to make, and start planning the listening party she would hold here at Rockin’ Locks.

  2. Just a haircut, it is just a haircut she thought as she made one more step toward her, HIS, goal of changing HIS gender.

  3. Jenny was HORRIFIED after “Tabatha Took Over” and pointed out how FILTHY her work station was!

  4. He was changing lives everyday, making people better and sometimes even fixing other’s mistakes, he was practically a doctor – that’s it, a hair doctor – of course his mother would understand why he dropped out of law school.

  5. It was totally the wrong choice in dye, and Edna was determined to get to the root of her shame.

  6. They found this picture folded up in the deceased barber’s pocket, then, after studying it for a few seconds, threw it away.

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