July 8, 2014




15 thoughts on “July 8, 2014

  1. Even though he had gotten a great deal on the beds, Mark had to admit his idea of combining an Urgent Care facility with a Day Spa might not have been his best – especially when he saw the Champagne carafe.

  2. Tim was relieved there’d be enough outlets for his mobile devices — or would there?

  3. As a nurse, the sight of the bed ready for the next patient gave her pleasure, and yet little did she know who would occupy the space the next time she glanced in the room.

  4. The empty bed was awaiting a victim of the bus crash, burnt or bleeding, but it would end up getting a child who had pneumonia because no one made it out alive.

  5. She began to suspect that she was in a shady hospital when the instructions for her psych evaluation involved putting on a paper gown.

  6. As she turned for one last look at her recovery room of the last four days, the elation Melissa felt at finally being able to take her baby girl home turned into paralyzing anxiety.

  7. Pulling the plug on her estranged father had been a lot easier than she thought.

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