July 10, 2014


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20 thoughts on “July 10, 2014

  1. Millie’s dentures weren’t quite ready, so she had to get creative about which food she would gum up tonight.

  2. Another all nighter….Freshman son called his Mom and said…”I QUIT” and ran off with the Hare Krishna’s!!! (P.S. I’m not making fun as I wish I had done that 35 years ago!)

  3. It wasn’t her desk, but she assumed that wouldn’t be fact for long– looking down at her dead coworker, she smirked; “Didn’t anybody ever tell you not to mix arsenic and coke, Larry?”

  4. At 6pm, the desk still looked as it had when Laverne arranged it early this morning for for the morning snack party with something for everyone: chips for Shannon, candy for Maxine, and the Organic Pea Soup for Todd, the new dreamboat from accounting – not realizing they were letting Laverne go today.

  5. After 2 successful days on her diet, Lissy couldn’t take the sugar cravings and caved in to her desires but wondered which one of her co-workers put the split pea soup on her desk while she was in a meeting and whether that was an act of sarcasm or support…

  6. The idea behind the new advertising campaign was to convince the youth market that soup is delicious “junk food.”

  7. Her diet was going great, she was even about to have the green sludge TJ calls soup, until her husband came back from the grocery store with the greatest hits.

  8. The reason for her firing became more clear as she cleaned out her desk – not one thing in the drawers belonged to her.

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