July 13, 2014




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  1. Josh was disappointed that this was the result of Googling the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

  2. Determined to get over having AGORAPHOBIA, she walked to the nearest Travel Agency and decided …THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!

  3. Why was her parents’ world so small, thought Jessie, vowing her future would take her closer to the Alps than the Adirondacks.

  4. Staring at her wall of shame, she wondered how no boyfriend had made it past one trip.

  5. Luke, wearing khakis, boat shoes and a fanny pack, waited for the completely disinterested clerk to walk by so he could move the stack of Moab South maps aside to collect the key that opened a locker with over twenty ounces of cocaine in it.

  6. With the map neatly spread out across the steering wheel, he couldn’t see the looming Joshua tree ahead.

  7. After 11 years working for Nat Geo, Judy really impressed herself, and her cats for sure, with the selection her collection of weekly office thefts had accumulated, though she still shuddered thinking about what she had done to get Hank the security guy to help her out with the display racks.

  8. Each month when Hanna walked over to the AAA building to pay her car insurance bill, all she could think of as she passed all the maps of all the cool places is, “I can barely pay this car insurance bill” and promised herself that she would just MAIL it in next time…

  9. Maps filled her heart with longing and a sense of possibility, and yet, and yet, she loved the view from her balcony so thoroughly that she relegated her own collection to decorate her walls and they became beautiful abstractions.

  10. Staring at the wide assortment, I remembered that paper maps would not leave a search trace on my phone or computer, and I knew my future freedom was just an arm’s reach away…all I had to do was pick one and follow it.

  11. The map display slowly gathered dust as intrepid explorers ignored the archaic navigation aids.

  12. In oldeny times, people had to carry around maps printed on paper, and the were so big that they had to fold them up.

  13. “Baja North, Baja South, Mojave, Moab South – I just need to know where the closest California Pizza Kitchen is,” Peter lamented as he looked down at the dead iPhone in his hand.

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