July 15, 2014




12 thoughts on “July 15, 2014

  1. If the tourists actually heeded the town’s warning, there might be no more victims this summer.

  2. When she saw it, she realized that that this was exactly the sign she had hung before the deep pools of her heart.

  3. Sheila, a 7th-grade English teacher already three Margaritas into her first night of camping, could not enjoy her summer break without removing the sign from the muck, marching it down to the Park Ranger’s office and throwing it down as she yelled “Wading IS Swimming, Numb Nuts!”

  4. And yet, apparently drinking was okay, as was cannonballing – at least that’s what 12-year-old Timmy felt before he splashed his family at the creek’s edge.

  5. The legend of the little girl in the lake was still going strong, even the Parks and Recreation Staff didn’t want to jump into the muddy waters where Jill drowned herself with a rope and a brick.

  6. Once upon a time, long before today’s hyper-scheduling of childhood, they had swum in the pond and chanced run-ins with mythic snapping turtles, and had felt the braver and freer for it.

  7. She was cooling her feet in the pond after her run when the Park Ranger pulled up on his Segway, pointed to the sign and began writing her a ticket.

  8. As the fire closed in on the campsite, Earl and his family found themselves with a conundrum.

  9. After such a long migration, the ducks were disappointed that the humans wouldn’t share their watering hole.

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