July 16, 2014




8 thoughts on “July 16, 2014

  1. Everyone on the beach in Tel Aviv had run for cover as the sirens sounded, praying that the Iron Dome again would work its magic.

  2. “How many idiots have cracked their skulls open by trying to skateboard down this inviting yellow ramp,” wondered Tommy, then added as he jumped onto his board, in the X-Games announcer voice in his head, “and I wonder if any of them were as good as Tomm… “

  3. According to the study, installing escalators here would reduce by 37% the volume of urine that guests pass into the ocean.

  4. “When they said wheelchair friendly, I expected something a little more accommodating than this, but I guess with the view, my imminent death is completely worth it.”

  5. The prize is the beach, the contest is the walk, the deciding factor is the return trip; Alice swam in the hotel pool rather than have to come back up all the stairs.

  6. Chang was trying to be a polite tourist, but thought the “Great Wall of Santa Barbara” excursion was a bit overblown.

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