July 17, 2014




9 thoughts on “July 17, 2014

  1. As a small child someone else always told her how she was feeling, Remy can hear her mother telling her, “Come inside you are cold!”

  2. It was the perfect prison for the Norwegian heir-apparent, with just enough snow to keep her alive until the ransom arrived.

  3. It was the first snow since the accident and her parents were worried about Zoey, but it seemed as though catching snowflakes on her tongue was temporarily distracting enough to keep the memory of screeching tires, glass breaking and her brother dying from rushing back.

  4. This was going to be the best July ever…the magic snow shoes worked exactly as advertised!

  5. Meghan lived a pleasant life n a simple, minimalistic snow globe, where she was somehow always safe and warm and adorable and happy, except when her mother decided to shake things up.

  6. Tragically, less than a decade after this picture was taken, this adorable little girl turned into a teen-ager.

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