July 21, 2014





7 thoughts on “July 21, 2014

  1. The sign at the local pool seemed somehow superfluous as children sneezed, and who knows what else, in the pool.

  2. Inspired by the big poster at her pediatrician’s office, Emma couldn’t wait to come home, take out her paints and surprise mommy.

  3. It was nice of the aid workers to hang up these bright, important signs all over the village, but also a little irritating when there was no soap or clean water readily available.

  4. As Amanda admired her preschooler’s art work, she noticed the hand-washing sign and guiltily ran over to the sink.

  5. You would not believe the royalties I still get today from that one hand-modeling gig.

  6. Try as he might, Marcus couldn’t wash the brightly colored handprints off the laminated sign, and thus was sure germs were spreading at this very moment.

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