July 22, 2014




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  1. Thrice voted worst low-security prison in America, The Phoenix Backstop Jail Spot had a reputation for being an ‘easy’ escape.

  2. Another lousy game sitting on the bench… Michael only joined the team because it seemed to make his dad happy, although his dad never came to any of the games, and all his dad could ever say was, “Did you go down swinging?”

  3. Relegated once again to the backless bench, Peter glanced to the right and dreamed.

  4. The bench reminded her of the countless girls–countless days of countless years, decades ago–never picking her for their teams, so she sat on it again and cried.

  5. When she came back the next day to look for the necklace she lost, Marcy couldn’t believe she had almost surrendered her virginity right here the night before to Skip, though she now had a new understanding for what the coaches said about him: good hands, good stick, a natural at third base.

  6. She’d sat, alone, and watched the little league players leave with their parents and friends wondering if she’d ever have that kind of life – with parents who sat on the bleachers then took her out for ice cream to celebrate or cheer her up when her team won or lost; caught up in the day dream and the impossibility of it she didn’t realize until too late that she was locked in.

  7. It wasn’t ideal, but at least Leah would be outside, protected from strangers and close to other kids — and it was the only child care option Macy could afford.

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