July 23, 2014




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  1. “Peter, I said yes! Maybe I can see if he will ask you to be one of his groomsmen seeing that you and I have been best friends since the 3rd grade” He heard her say as he stared up at the wires and remembered how he had once heard someone say that parallel lines were the loneliest of all because they were always so close to one another but never touching.

  2. Even though she could FINALLY afford her first house, Jill knew in her heart that she couldn’t take this one, especially since she was planning on getting artificially inseminated soon…

  3. If there was going to be one thing Frank missed about living under this intersection of power all theses years, it was that he had never needed a nightlight to read by.

  4. Martha smiled as she looked up before sneaking in her bedroom window early that morning, remembering Tom telling her after they made love for the first time last night that she was positively glowing.

  5. It was the biggest web the little boy had ever seen and he knew only Spider Man could be responsible.

  6. Yes, yes, yes, I know, but remember: this house has a bonus room, and the appliances are included, so why don’t you just stop looking up and make an offer?

  7. After her visit to the dentist she lay on the grass in the backyard, her tongue lingering over the new porcelain filling, and found herself missing the tinny music and faint voices that used to echo in her mouth.

  8. As Gordon parked his car, he looked up and realized his solar panels and wind turbine would never be the blight on the landscape that existed right here outside city hall, “Protesters, here I come,” he thought.

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