July 29, 2014




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  1. Matchbox and Hot Wheels were not the first toy companies to super-size their products in order to capitalize on the emerging market within the Ent community, but every school-aged sapling living in Dendroid City was soon begging their elders for new and increasingly expensive models to add to their collections; the white Acura seen here could be found in most starter sets and was a favorite among the Maple and Oak youths.

  2. After losing her place, Mary had started living in her car and was relieved to find a spot where she could eat, sleep and get ready for work without an audience.

  3. It was not the best scene to wake up to, but on the bright side, thought Malcolm, this was the first time all summer his leather seats and steering wheel were cool to the touch.

  4. Richard was so incredibly relieved to see his new car only had a few minor scratches that he completely forgot that his wife had said she would be using it earlier that day, but the “White Stallion” hadn’t moved.

  5. The storm hit as Mildred read page 148, which was a scene too hot to handle about Rick and Lila’s love affair, so when the branch hit, the ladies were a little too worked up to notice.

  6. Sarah was glad she always came late to parties, she was able to pull in backwards, be in the front of the line and avoid natural catastrophes that might make her late for her brunch with Terry.

  7. Simone hated it when Georgina the Giant Witch parked her broom so close to her car, she always dinged the door.

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