July 30, 2014




15 thoughts on “July 30, 2014

  1. Kelsey debated the odds that her date would see her unmentionables tonight, then opted for a loose-fitting sundress and cute cotton panties instead.

  2. Jason’s first post-puberty trip to the erotic fantasy realm that is the women’s lingerie department turned out to be a huge disappointment.

  3. After seeing her picture plastered all over a product suggesting every woman, even those who wore a size 6 like she did, should be so concerned with looking slim that they wear painfully tight tummy toning underwear, Olga finally understood why her mother had wanted her to take at least one course in Women’s Studies before dropping out to pursue a career in modeling.

  4. Monica did not see leopard print, but rather a sick version of an inkblot test, her answers bubbled up unbidden: lips, mustache, Florida, a bunny.

  5. As much as Emily wanted to look and feel naughty at her 25th reunion, not being able to sit comfortably or dance wasn’t ideal.

  6. What I love most is the pricing: the MSRP is $14, but you can buy two for $25, which just insults the intelligence of those needing tummy toning.

  7. Sharon smiled when she saw the leopard-print granny panties, “Either there are some really hip grannies out there or I’ve discovered where Beyonce shops.”

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