August 1, 2014




9 thoughts on “August 1, 2014

  1. The absolute gluttony of choice led to other country’s pure hatred of the capitalistic society.

  2. As Denny bagged another canvas tote with cage-free eggs, quinoa, seaweed chips and organic produce, he realized aisle 8 hadn’t been disturbed in six months.

  3. Having spent the last half-hour just trying to find the right potato chips, Jason no longer had the will to complete his grocery shopping and swore never to make the same mistake again!

  4. Milly was deepy disappointed by her blue, purple and green chip clip options — none of which would work with her kitchen’s warm autumn hues.

  5. When the UFO made it’s landing at a Grocery Store parking lot, the Aliens ran into the store dying to use the restroom. BUT, as they zipped through the CHIP isle they thought to themselves……HMMMMM….I BET NO ONE CAN EAT JUST ONE!!!!!

  6. Stockboy Anthony just waited, knowing at some point the new cashier Jeanette would walk aisle 8, and he could stop her right there and use his classic line: “Hey, seems like you have a chip on your shoulder.”

  7. James stopped in his tracks when he turned the corner; his wife had just asked for chips, he had NOT signed up for this, which only would end with him on the couch for the third time this week.

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