August 2, 2014




7 thoughts on “August 2, 2014

  1. This was the nicest intervention Lisa had ever facilitated and the “Why we love you!” video was such a nice touch.

  2. Patrick was disappointed at the size of the pool because he had plans to do grown up things with Suzy while watching the late night horror picture show, but he knew his parents would be to close for comfort now.

  3. His work being in the architecture magazine meant that he had made it, but John was too focused on the shitty angle the photographer used to capture the building.

  4. The screen was not used to show movies but rather to preview the security camera footage every evening.

  5. In 1963, Edgar and Gertrude finally settled their disagreement about whether to open a motel or a drive-in movie theater.

  6. Nothing said luxury to Daphne more than a poolside moving picture; perhaps Thomas would sit next to her and they could hold hands again, that would just bring her life to complete perfection.

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