August 6, 2014




11 thoughts on “August 6, 2014

  1. She wanted to live always there, in that intake of breath both nostalgic and expectant of the years to come and go.

  2. A little girl was having a big 4th of July party, when all of the sudden gangsters with guns rushed in and robbed her; she later learned from the police that they were famous gangsters known all around the world… the gangsters were never caught, but the little girl got a new name, new home and an even bigger cake.

  3. Looking through the album, Lanie was again confronted by the arm of the man who would take her mother away.

  4. Andie never understood why her mother went to the trouble of making cakes she and her sister were never allowed to eat.

  5. She remembered her mother’s ‘trick’: if they didn’t get all the candles on the first try, they had to hold their breath until she snapped her fingers to take a second try – and that was the year her 15-year-old brother said something rude, and Mallory almost passed out while waiting for the snap.

  6. Before Congress passed the National Obesity Act, people ate something called “cake” on their birthdays, which consisted largely of flour and sugar, instead of what we all eat now, namely, kale sticks.

  7. Forty-five minutes later Madison was still trying to blow out the trick candles and everyone had lost their appetite for cake.

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