August 8, 2014




8 thoughts on “August 8, 2014

  1. Esther was between dentures, but determined to get through her casino-sponsored meal — even as her poor hands bled from the sharp angles of every exoskeletal tear.

  2. Richard and Emma ate their mediocre dinner they have had every night for the past thirty years every Tuesday night, which very much reflected their lives since they fall out of love with one another twenty-nine years ago.

  3. After Edith took the sleeping pills she ate one final meal, a recreation of the one she and her late husband of sixty-seven years had every October 29th.

  4. After 47 years of slinging hash for the rough-hewn trawlers of the Bering Sea, she made quick work of these crustaceans–all the while intoning her mantra: There’s no place like Nome.

  5. She wanted the butter, oh how she wanted the butter, but as it was a first date she ate the lobster dry.

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