August 10, 2014


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  1. She smiled when she saw the pillow; as a means of communication she preferred it over the passive-aggressive post-its her ex had used.

  2. When Leslie came back from her hike, one that Charlie had suggested she take alone, she found every trace of him cleaned and erased, except for the pillow, which was completely nonsensical considering they were in the Appalachia mountains.

  3. James grew up alongside the shore in a different way than most of his friends; while he didn’t have some of the luxuries they did, his family was much closer for years after they got their own homes.

  4. When he told her that he had a fort, she questioned her choice in men once again but when Leslie saw it, she was very please that she ignored her inner compass for a handsome face.

  5. It was a emotionally raw and unhealthy, but when John came home and loosened his tie, all he wanted to do was crawl into his adult fort that he had built to spite his dead mother.

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