August 12, 2014




10 thoughts on “August 12, 2014

  1. Walter used the bypass as the place to meet his lover Alex, who was a FedEx driver, every Tuesday evening because it was close to the office he worked at and the end of her route, much to the dismay of Marty the mailman.

  2. When his budget got slashed mid-production, the Wall-E II director had to go with improvised live-action sequences.

  3. Though it attempted to portray the new home-delivery app’s primacy over both the USPS and FedEx, MopBucket’s homepage photo left something to be desired.

  4. Monica realized that even though it would help make her point that Paul really needed to ‘clean your house’ before we can be in a real relationship, there was no box big enough to ship the mop and bucket – and perhaps this gesture was a bit over the top anyway.

  5. Angry tears coursed her cheeks as she juggled the signed papers from her briefcase to the overnight envelope; the house keys splashed into the slop bucket to complete the cleanup.

  6. “Remember that the hierarchies according to which we choose our destinies and the destinies and destinations of our accoutrements and messages was devised by a series of short-sighted agencies, not by artists or gods,” said Dr. Francis.

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