August 13, 2014




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  1. My art professor droned on about the post-birth sculpture in sculptural garden that we walked with a dreadfully slow speed through, explaining that the black chunk of wood represented pubic hair, the white for the placenta, and the others for the woman’s closing legs as a relief that the pain is over, when all I saw was a sculptor reverting to their childlike side and playing with blocks.

  2. It was the proudest moment of Olivia’s life to have her work in the State arts museum, however her boyfriend Chuck was so embarrassed that he left her after the opening.

  3. Only one more useless art gallery to take care off before they could break ground on what the city really needed, thought Kevin, as he unfurled the luxury hotel blueprint.

  4. Dr. Francis opined, “The addition , in a transient fashion, of the construction crane to the composition of the sculptural vista need not be considered a detraction, but rather a reminder that human creations are transient as are their creators.”

  5. “All of this so Kim and Kanye can have another photo shoot,” he thought, as he stared at the end result of 30 hours of messing up his normally quiet L.A. junior college, “and then I get to take it all down tomorrow and cut the freakin’ grass.”

  6. With months to go before her wedding, Marzipan would come to this spot and think to herself, ‘it fits me perfectly’ as she planned the wedding procession in her mind.

  7. She tried coercing, begging, and bribing but Karen’s three-year old daughter still refused to enter the art installation because it looked like the art “was walking.”

  8. The shadows that fell on the walkway had more artistic merit than his sculptures the young artist thought as he contemplated taking his life on the deserted sidewalk.

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