August 14, 2014




8 thoughts on “August 14, 2014

  1. The old man visited the rubble from the football stadium built and torn down long ago in the junkyard to remember the days where he was the king of the town and every young man in the state wanted to play for him, memories long forgotten by everyone but himself.

  2. That’s exactly what we need to finish are ship. Then we can leave this God awful planet.

  3. It had been the last undeveloped parcel – and the last clear path – for a half mile in either direction, and Martha stood outside the chain link fence with her two grandchildren and quietly teared up, realizing “Ocean View Condos, a Gated Community” signaled the end of her daily beach walk.

  4. “Human creativity will ultimately find its way to this treasure trove, presently considered an eye-sore and a wasteland, and extricate solutions to some of our direst quandaries,” said Dr. Francis.

  5. Just keep the metaphors to yourself; some of my happiest moments were spent rummaging around the junkyard with my Dad.

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