August 15, 2014




10 thoughts on “August 15, 2014

  1. The sound of zipping leather made Wendy smile, but knowing that her parking spot would be labeled with her new title was what really put a pep in her spiked-heel step.

  2. Once the mayor of Stepford laid down the mistress signal, it wouldn’t be long before the Caped Courtesan appeared to do his bidding.

  3. Jeff audibly laughed, this was the third stamp he had passed by on his way to work today; the new artist in town was really attracting a lot of buzz for their art show this coming Friday.

  4. Karen hated that stupid, sexist, paternalistic term; she scratched it out, muttered “Get it right” and painted “Gullible”.

  5. When Samantha realized even the local graffiti artist knew who paid her rent she also realized that maybe, just maybe, this had all been a mistake.

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