August 18, 2014




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  1. The ‘Grand Flophouse Hotel’ at GhettoWorld was complete, finished off with pseudo Grafitti the developers had paid a well-known artist thousands to complete, but the delay in construction of ‘Dimebag Arcade’ and the ‘CrackHo Ride’ left the Japanese consortium that had funded the latest Anaheim amusement park looking at a bleak summer.

  2. The thrill Lucas felt when he stumbled upon this building was unnatural; it was the perfect spot for him to wheel in his equipment under the cover of night, set up his cameras, traps, and tools exactly as he wanted, and let the fury ensue between his subjects.

  3. Similar to the old Granville house, it’s said that if you throw a rock and can break one of the remaining windows, your wish will come true.

  4. She smiled, imagining her new life, certain that all her problems were in the past now: the rent was reasonable and the location was described as “Beverly Hills adjacent.”

  5. Elizabeth stood below the hulking, possibly haunted, building with her borrowed camera, with the smile on her face growing as she counted the floors, thinking “This will take at least three hours.”

  6. Hmmmm,,,a big ol’ wreck, decorated on the outside, nothing of substance on the inside…what did that remind her of??

  7. Stanley remembered when the building had opened as a modern office complex, and he longed to be the man he had been then, before the incident.

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