August 20, 2014




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  1. For weeks, Crazy Jan had tried to entice the feral cat with little bits of food here, quiet calls there; when it finally worked up the courage to peek into her shelter she hissed: “A tag! You belong to someone! Go away! Go away! A taaaagg!!”

  2. Jamie often went back to visit her childhood home to relive wonderful memories, even though the house itself was run down; her favorite part was when her kitten Becky came to visit her on the bed where they used to sleep together when she was a little girl.

  3. Pepper was thrilled with how her first record sounded and demanded cover art that reflected the angularity of the music and the intensity of her lyrics.

  4. Peering out the slashed top of their 8-man tent at the gigantic cat towering over them, Marsha was terrified as she gathered the kids close to her while still hitting her husband and screamed in a whisper, “Still think that was just thunder last night, lazy ass?!”

  5. She loved her cat but honestly his “alpha male” behavior was getting out of control, and so she contacted a reality TV series for help with Smokey.

  6. For a moment Max felt remorseful about the damage he had caused, then he remember “I’m a cat” and walked away with a smug smile on his face.

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