August 21, 2014




6 thoughts on “August 21, 2014

  1. When Alex lost his virginity he couldn’t help but go back to his “tagging” days to commemorate the event.

  2. When school was let back in, someone had stenciled in “Lucky BLDG” in the front hall, but because we assumed it was to commemorate the lack fatalities in the shooting, the principal thanked the vandal over the intercom instead of trying to identify and suspend them.

  3. The architects, long retired, reminisced over coffee and took a last look at the building, their “lucky” break and first big commission, before driving away as the wrecking ball started to swing.

  4. “I know who the Bi-sexuals, Lesbians and Gays are,” she thought, staring at the non-descript entrance to the late-night club, “but I wonder who the D’s are, and if they get lucky here too?”

  5. “Yes,Neil,” thought Betty Lou DeGrasse, “you’re the best husband in the Cosmos …now enough with the graffiti!”

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