August 29, 2014




5 thoughts on “August 29, 2014

  1. Her fascination with firemen, and fire fighting paraphernalia had gone too far years ago, but now the family wondered if she had been out at night lighting fires like a lightning bug lights the dark corners of the yard.

  2. Martha’s dinner parties were always unusual, but this took the cake for the strangest between course finger bowl he had ever seen – but at least he didn’t get the ‘squatting Spaniel.’ like Carol had.

  3. Visitors to the museum were often shocked to learn that, before his “Blue Period,” Picasso had a “Novelty Ash Tray” period.

  4. His reluctant visit to the antique store with his cheating, soon to be ex-wife confirmed his suspicions: one man’s treasure is definitely another man’s trash.

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