September 3, 2014




8 thoughts on “September 3, 2014

  1. You would think it was cruel, that those dogs lived in fear of the home-made guillotine keeping them from the freedom outside – until you realized it was just a picture of two dogs that Tim had taped up to keep the raccoons out of his trash chute.

  2. “I’m sorry, Charlie,” replied his mother, “those lunatic dogs are staying in the pen at least until we clean up their last disaster.”

  3. “I can’t beLIEVE Mom makes us go to bed at 7 in the summertime – AND she takes away the water bowl!” Breezly groused.

  4. Wills and Tiptoe jealously watched the other dogs playing and wondered why they weren’t invited.

  5. Max and Cleo lived austerely, much like the nuns and monks of the old world, but at least they had each other.

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