September 8, 2014




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  1. He was coming towards her and he had a knife, like something you only experience in a nightmare; she was all alone and knew this was her last chance so she looked at the fire extinguisher and thought to herself, “I hope this kills him,” then she bashed the glass in with her elbow.

  2. It started out as a small grease fire in a pan on the stove, by the time she found the cover it was more than a small fire and the cover didn’t work, nor did the flour, baking soda, towel and what started as a small grease fire was now licking at the ceiling of the kitchen; fire fighters came running down the hall, the last one in pointed to the fire extinguisher right outside her door.

  3. Though the plague had emptied the city and devastated its people, there remained many monuments to their hubris, some even certified effective against problems in a future that would never be.

  4. The last thing on the annual scavenger-hunt list said GREEN TAG so Rachael stopped in front of the fire hydrant and looked up and down the hall for potential witnesses.

  5. Quinn didn’t feel the least bit secure looking at the car-sized extinguisher in a portal that was obviously meant for a much larger piece of saftey equipment, looking like a child wearing his dad’s suit — all she could do was hope the fire wouldn’t know it was expected to be bigger.

  6. Surely she’d love him after he put out the small fire {he’d} set in the common area outside her dorm room; the flames licked his toes while he stared at the locked extinguisher and thought, in disgust, “I’m such a loser.”

  7. “In case of fire, pull handle firmly” — and by “firmly,” they mean “firmly enough to breach the lock we installed to make sure this fire extinguisher wouldn’t get stolen.

  8. Although the job had the title of “Fire Extinguisher Technician,” all he had to do was check the gauge and hole pinch the service tag, and yet it was how he met the girl or his dreams.

  9. Locking up the fire extinguisher did discourage theft, but it also made it more difficult to actually put out a fire if you weren’t the lucky holder of the key.

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