September 10, 2014




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  1. She could hardly believe that after 40 years of miscommunication, other partners, bad timing and a hell of a lot of longing, she was holding hands in the elevator with the boy who asked her all those years ago; he kissed her neck, pulled away and smiled as he pushed the “stop” button…”Jeezus Christ” she thought, “please don’t stop”.

  2. He stood in the elevator alone, cold and unsettled by the panels lack of symmetry, reminded of his wife’s pattern of freckles, scrutinizing the hotel room key in his hand, and, while looking out into the vibrant city from the transparent elevator walls, eager for the woman waiting in his room.

  3. Mary Margaret, just a sophomore, created her own legend of passion for the panel in her Catholic High School elevator: Once you’re parking, you’re a star if you go to first base; it’s just a quick motion to the side and you’re at second; it’s a big leap to third, but going beyond that is not permitted – maybe that’s what the alarm is for.

  4. Struggling out of his drunken stupor, Paul stood staring at the buttons of the unknown elevator for a long moment, then smiled, remembering that he was in fact a star, and confidently pressed 1 and waited, patiently to go up… or down.

  5. Jasper stood, surrounded by an army of Kaydens, Braydens, Jaydens, and Neveahs, wondering if his name alone was enough to stand out at the interview.

  6. Jared and Suki’s relationship bloomed, blossomed, wilted, and died in the three hours it took rescuers to retrieve them from the three-floor elevator — when they emerged with almost no evidence (save a lone, dangling untucked shirt corner), it was almost as if it had never happened.

  7. Dave stepped on the elevator, made sure no one else was getting on, then casually hit the X button that took him to his secret underground lair.

  8. She never knew that when she stepped off this elevator on the second floor that her life would never be the same.

  9. Note to all NFL Players, Arrogant Rappers & other assorted low-life: The surveillance cameras are always running, so please behave as we have no problem selling the footage to TMZ. Thank you!

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