September 12, 2014




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  1. He walked around the concert space (almost giggling), looking for her (so excited), knowing she’d be there (it had been years since they’d seen each other but he knew she’d be there), and stopped in his tracks when she appeared on the big screen (his breath caught in his throat, he looked around, catching his bearings, where is she?), with someone else.

  2. He’d never been a jazz fan, but suffered through it because he really needed that 0% interest rate credit card.

  3. Greg stood on the meager stage and stared into the meager crowd and wondered how he had ended up here after 30 years of equally meager audiences and equally meager stages.

  4. It came down to this: while David saw joy and a chuppah and the raven-haired wife of all his warmest dreams, Myrna saw her friend David drinking an over-priced beer from a plastic cup in the rain… in Detroit.

  5. The woman in the backless dress on the right unwittingly demonstrates the importance of sticking with a single strap pattern during tanning season.

  6. August: Sit on folding chairs outside in straw hats and ball caps, watch jazz musicians (clearly an adults-only form of entertainment) on a screen that is further away from you than the actual musicians, and count the remaining days and hours and minutes until … kickoff.

  7. The public hanging and jazz festival was slightly delayed on account of rain, giving unjustly convicted sax player Nate “Scatman” Jones the split-second chance he needed to slip out of the green room, through the bloodthirsty yet soggy and distracted crowd, past the fat cat JP Morgan Chase “MC,” and into the gray day of sudden opportunity and uneasy freedom.

  8. Due to poor marketing the audience did not realize that the main stage was the size of postage stamp, nor did they realize the big screen was just to the left and that was the size of a football field.

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