September 15, 2014




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  1. Although highly anticipated, Miller’s 1953 sequel to “Salesman,” “Reincarnation of a Shoe Shine” closed prior to Broadway, in Detroit (of all places) after its first of a scheduled four intermissions and, thankfully has never been revived.

  2. The latest ride at CourthouseWorld, the Shine-o-rama, was an admitted boriung failure, but that didn’t stop Jake from asking his mother for another $6.50 to ride the damn thing.

  3. Once again, she reminded herself that the absent man was not guilty of the years of terror she suffered from the man she thought was her father, nor was he responsible for the bile now rising in her throat and the sharp disappointment that cut at her insides: his guilt was born from one carefree night of passion he shared with her lonely and bruised mother.

  4. Eunice’s skepticism toward the walk-up gynecology clinic grew when she discovered the “usual time” varied by up to 45 minutes daily.

  5. While business at Ron’s Real Good Shoe Shine slowly shrank due to Air Jordans, political correctness and Ron’s worsening arthritis, orders were at an all time high across the street at Sam’s Superior Shoe Shine Signs.

  6. Harold’s shoe shine business was not as lucrative as he had thought, and so he created demand by reducing supply, and often left early making customers think they had missed out on something special.

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