September 17, 2014




8 thoughts on “September 17, 2014

  1. Her scent curled around and slapped his mind back to days of green fields of fresh cut grass, trees dancing in the breeze swinging their nascent blooms like sultry fan dancers, and Matilda – ripe with hips swinging wide calling his arthritic joints back to the apex of his youth.

  2. Let me tell you pal, I may look old and rusty, but in the dark of night, there ain’t’ a terrier in town won’t hike his leg for a big blonde.

  3. Ronald McDonald had never wanted to reveal his super powers, but when he found himself being chased down down the street by the Burger King, that red haired chick and big head Jack, it was time to morph.

  4. He’d never be anything but red and yellow, while even the traffic light he stared at all day got to turn green once in a while.

  5. Gloria remembered when two-toned fire hydrants were all the rage and wondered why they ever went out of style.

  6. Warren felt quite sporty and special in his Pharrell chapeau until Big John, the Irish Wolfhound – who never met a water bowl, puddle, or pond he’d pass by – urgently made his way over to admire and utilize the very fancy fireplug.

  7. Like a dandelion poking though a crack in the sidewalk the fire hydrant appeared overnight and no one knew where it came from.

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