September 23, 2014




5 thoughts on “September 23, 2014

  1. In order to expedite confessions and make their priests available for the all the questioning, Our Lady of Perpetual Depositions installed the time clock and stuck to its rigid schedule.

  2. It was ancient, and epic, ornate and overdone, spectacular and superfluous, clearly the most breathtaking courthouse she had ever been in, and Patti felt honored just to be able to pay a parking ticket here.

  3. Natalie checked her phone–again–to confirm that James was supposed to meet her at 2:30 in the nave of St. Michael’s and prayed to St. Jude for the purgatory of their relationship.

  4. The clock showing 2:43, the ornate halls of the building, the overwhelming knowledge that something catastrophic would happen if he did not escape to the world outside by 3 o’clock– these elements of his nightmare had not changed in thirty years, but tonight there was something different: two magnificent signs shouting “EXIT” in triumph to his terrified soul.

  5. The reflections on the floor were like mirrors to another world, and he wished for nothing else but to step into one and end up somewhere, anywhere but here.

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