September 24, 2014




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  1. Jake wore his big-brim sunblock hat, Julie the UV protector shirt, Jimmy was secured by the floaty life preserver shirt, and little Mikey just didn’t give a shit; Janet realized that if she’d paid as much attention to protection for herself as she did for her kids, there’d be fewer [if any] of them and she’d be floating in the water with a hot guy and a cool beverage.

  2. Molly was determined that she would train them to be triathletes by the time they were 7 – as determined as she was that she could raise 4 kids under 6 years old by herself – but she had to admit that focus was a bit of an issue.

  3. Due to budgetary constraints, in Jaws 5 the shark was replaced with a Great White Sharon who grew increasingly delusional and dangerous as the movie wore on.

  4. The entire day was spent getting everyone ready for the beach, keeping them covered from the sun, having the cooler properly stocked with snacks, hauling sand toys, watching nervous little ones at the water’s edge, an endless list of small tasks and years later all that she could recall was the perfectness of the sun, the waves and their complete uncomplicated happiness.

  5. She tried to warn the children to stay out of the water but, as usual, none of them were listening to her.

  6. The predator swam in circles that brought him ever closer to the prey that appeared so near to the shore.

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