September 25, 2014




6 thoughts on “September 25, 2014

  1. Replacing the water with vodka and tonic guaranteed Liz’s popularity with her co-workers; her open purse (and bag of cut limes in her top left desk drawer) afforded them the opportunity to demonstrate just how much they appreciated her friendship.

  2. George tried to escape into the idyllic mountain pastoral on the water bottle, only to be reminded of the forest of paperwork, mountain of emails and vast, lifeless lake of a career in which he was drowning.

  3. In order to accomplish anything today, Georgie had to ignore her compulsive urge to clean the wall behind the trash and level the water cooler.

  4. Every day she left her purse by the water cooler, subconsciously inviting people into her personal life, and always hoping someone would ask her why she had THAT in her purse.

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