Week Eight Picks (.)

Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. Check back to see if your entry is a winner!


Thanks to everyone who took this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! And thank you to this week’s judge, E.L. Mitchell, for her excellent picks! Now, let’s get on with WEEK 9!



Pamela Hobart Carter

From her vantage in the passenger seat, Celia turned in disgust from the sign, FREE TABLE SHOWER, only to catch the more sickening smirk on her husband’s suddenly ugly face.


Walter Moore

As he lay in bed, looking up at the magnificent dragon that he made out of ductwork, and his cool posters,
Edgar wondered why women seemed so uniformly uninterested in him.


Cindy D.

Maybe, just maybe the Christmas tree lights were a bit over the top.

Stacey DuFord

After her visit to the dentist she lay on the grass in the backyard, her tongue lingering over the new porcelain filling, and found herself missing the tinny music and faint voices that used to echo in her mouth.

Pamela Hobart Carter

Cynthia crimped and coiled the aluminum foil extension near her ear to better receive the messages from The Big Ones.

Mike Brennan

When she came back the next day to look for the necklace she lost, Marcy couldn’t believe she had almost surrendered her virginity right here the night before to Skip, though she now had a new understanding for what the coaches said about him: good hands, good stick, a natural at third base.


Even though she could FINALLY afford her first house, Jill knew in her heart that she couldn’t take this one, especially since she was planning on getting artificially inseminated soon…


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