Week Eleven Picks (.)


Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. And each week we’re totally blown away at the gems that come out of these photo word prompts. It’s never easy to pick a winner, and all of you who participate each week should be happy knowing that you’ve created a mini masterpiece.

Check back every Sunday to see if your entry made the list! Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Tell your friends about OneSentencePeriod.com! Share it on your social media pages. Get your children involved. It’s fun and a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Now, let’s get on with WEEK 12!

(Click the name links below to take you to the photo & page for the winning entry.)



Wes Mitchell

The old man visited the rubble from the football stadium built and torn down long ago in the junkyard to remember the days where he was the king of the town and every young man in the state wanted to play for him, memories long forgotten by everyone but himself.


Trouble Ensued

She dreamed about the day he would leave his wife, so that she would get a better parking space.

Michael Orenstein

Yet another misguided oversimplification of the Arab-Isreali conflict.



Bats and balls, bats and balls, that’s all he saw: bats and balls.

Cindy D.

When Samantha realized even the local graffiti artist knew who paid her rent she also realized that maybe, just maybe, this had all been a mistake.

Mike Brennan

It had been the last undeveloped parcel – and the last clear path – for a half mile in either direction, and Martha stood outside the chain link fence with her two grandchildren and quietly teared up, realizing “Ocean View Condos, a Gated Community” signaled the end of her daily beach walk.

E.L. Mitchell

My art professor droned on about the post-birth sculpture in sculptural garden that we walked with a dreadfully slow speed through, explaining that the black chunk of wood represented pubic hair, the white for the placenta, and the others for the woman’s closing legs as a relief that the pain is over, when all I saw was a sculptor reverting to their childlike side and playing with blocks.


Though it attempted to portray the new home-delivery app’s primacy over both the USPS and FedEx, MopBucket’s homepage photo left something to be desired.

E.L. Mitchell

“I spose it was drugs that made him think he could mail the vomit,” he mumbled.

Nicole Feenstra

The aliens were displeased to find a camp ground where their crop circle was supposed to go.


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